What’s New?

Check this page for updates on the Federation’s WASH work.

NEW! GWSI portal, The roll-out is currently taking place through online and in-person workshops. Please see the English User Guide or Spanish Guia Por Usuarios (including things to consider and explanations of terms) and the visual guidelines for HNSs and PNSs, and here the Spanish Guia Visual. If you have any questions or your National Society does not have an account, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Bach.

NEW! WASHcast, A new way to interact with and learn about the Red Cross and Red Crescent WASH world. We are launching a podcast called the WASHcast. We will regularly upload episodes covering a range of topics, presented by a wide array of WASH voices. You can find the WASHcast in a number of ways. Download from the IFRC website here or use the search function of any podcast app like iTunes, etc.

NEW! URBAN WASH SECTION, scroll down on your left to ‘URBAN’ and we  look forward to your contributions – send to William Carter and/or Robert Fraser.

scroll down on your left to ‘WASH&Nutrition’ and we look forward to your contributions – send to alexandra.machado@ifrc.org

NEW! Look Back Study Ivory Coast Executive Summary
Ivory Coast Look Back Study Draft Executive Summary